Guam Diving Guide Now in E-Book Format

Tim Rock has a new diving guide book to Guam and the Mariana Islands and it’s out in Paper and e-book:

To have a good look at it, you can page through it here:

A guide to the bea…
By Tim Rock

You can buy the e-book directly from Blurb (see shopping cart in the preview above) or from this site by going to this link:


If you want to order the paper copy, go to and check this link:

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Guam is a special mix of urban development and natural beauty. Surrounded by miles of stunning coastline and rich coral reefs, it has one of the most diverse marine life communities in the Pacific with nearly 400 coral species and over 1000 different fish. A melting pot of cultures make up the population and a great variety of marine life, history and natural formations highlight the surrounding seas.
These islands can be aptly described as hard coral kingdoms. There is much diversity and intense growth competition on the healthy reefs. This guide is intended to bring to the diver the most popular and unique dive & snorkeling sites of the Mariana Islands. Guam, Rota and Saipan are places known for their wide array of beautiful hard corals, variety of fish and other marine life and plethora of invertebrates. Plus, there are numerous World War remnants beneath these waters.
This book has 108 pages with over 120 full color photos. It is a handy 8.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide. Approximate dive positions are shown on the maps and each site is introduced with general location, most frequently dived depths, and type of dive that can be expected, the dominant marine life and the logistical requirements. The author is internationally published marine photojournalist Tim Rock, who lives on Guam.

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About Tim Rock

TIM ROCK specializes in the marine world and is an author, photographer and owner of a photo gallery on Guam in the western Pacific. He attended the journalism program at the University of Nebraska – Omaha and has been a professional broadcast and print photojournalist for 30 years. His news photography appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN. The majority of his career has been in the Western and Indo Pacific reporting on environmental and conservation issues. He has won the prestigious Excellence in the Use of Photography from the Society of Publishers in Asia. His TV show was an ACE award finalist. He also lists many other awards for documentaries, television shows, photography and writing. He works as a correspondent for numerous Pacific Rim magazines. He is the author and contributor to a dozen Lonely Planet/Pisces series guides. Rock’s photographic work is represented by Getty Images Lonely Planet Collection, SeaPics, Polaris Images, Waterframe, VWPics and his own Guam-based agency.
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