Fantastic Voyage into the Blue Asylum -2018

New Horizons and Old Favorites

One Amazing Journey to Dive Where No Man or Woman Has Dived Before

The islands of Crazy Headhunters and Hammerhead Sharks!!


Join Tim and Simon on a voyage through the deep south of Indonesia’s Banda Sea.

Saumlaki to Tual: November 8 to 20, 2018
12 nights on TAMBORA – US$4895

In November 2018, as part of our continuing quest to explore new areas of this enormous and fascinating archipelago, we will go back with the Tambora to Southeast Maluku and Banda. This time we will head straight to the deep south of the Banda Sea, pioneering a new itinerary that begins in the Tanimbars, a place Kal Muller called “Islands of Dances and Gold Treasure.” A hundred years ago, this was an area known more for crazy headhunters and sane outsiders steered clear.

From Saumlaki on Yamdena, we will chart a course that takes us west to Dewara, the Babar islands and then on to Sermata, Moa and Romang. This will bring us close to Wetar, the large island to the north of Timor and east of Alor. Many of the dives in these first few days of the trip will be exploratory but, given the remoteness of these tiny islands, we have high hopes. Romang we know has steep walls and vast reef-flats teeming with healthy corals.

Scalloped Hammerhead

From Romang we will turn to head north east and follow an inner arc of rocks and peaks at the edge of the Banda Sea. These we know well. Steep walls and extremely fishy seascapes characterize the tiny volcanos of the Damar Islands, Nila, Serua and Manuk, each worth at least a day of diving and each offering the chance of big fish sightings. Hammerhead sharks will be around on some of the sites we dive. We will see one or two per dive if the water in the shallows is warm. We will see many, many more if it is cooler.

Last year Manuk alone was so spectacular we spent two days there and had some fantastic diving, although that was due just as much to the swarms of olive sea snakes and the hot vents as the sharks.

Olive Sea Snake

From Manuk we will head for the reefs of Watubela and then end the trip in Tual, where intrepid guests may wish to stay on for a day or two and wash out the N2 while lying on Pasir Panjang, one of the world’s most glorious beaches.

Pasir Panjang

Saumlaki to Tual

08-Nov: Board Tambora in Saumlaki, Yamdena, in the Tanimbar Islands; check dive at Barasadi
09-Nov: 4 dives at Dawera: All great, superb coral and fishy, large school of barracuda, many huge napoleon wrasses
10-Nov: 3 dives at Dai or around the Babar Islands (exploratory)
11-Nov: 3-4 dives around Sermata (exploratory)
12-Nov: 3-4 dives around Moa (exploratory)
13-Nov: 4 dives Nyata + Romang: Nice walls and also vast reef-flats, very healthy coral
14-Nov: 3 dives around the Damar Islands: Steep walls, very pretty corals, very fishy
15-Nov: 3 dives around Nila’s deep walls looking for them big fish
16-Nov: 3 + 1 dives Serua: superb wall with huge sponges. This is one of the fishiest dives in all of Indonesia with thousands of jacks and other big animals resident there. (Last year the Tambora saw a baby whaleshark at Serua)


17-Nov: 3 dives Manuk, sea snakes, hot vents and another chance for some hammer time.
18-Nov: 3+1 dives Watubela, superb reefs, fishy walls
19-Nov: Early morning dive at a very fishy seamount near Kaimeer.

20-Nov: Disembark from Tambora in Tual in the Kei Islands, followed by an optional extended stay in Tual at Coaster Cottages on Pasir Panjang.

 Here’s a short VIDEO look at our Tambora trip in 2016 through the Banda Sea at Manuk and Watubela:

Saumlaki to Tual: November 8 to 20, 2018
12 nights US$4895


Price includes 

Saumlaki to Tual: November 8 to 20, 2018
12 nights US$4895

  • Airport or hotel pick-up/drop-off at city of embarkation/ disembarkation
  • Accommodation in twin bed or double bed suite on board, all with en-suite bathroom with hot & cold water and individually controllable air conditioning
  • All dives conducted as part of the regular cruise program
  • All food & drinks served during the cruise, including soft drinks and beer, (except wine and liquor.)
  • Filled dive tanks (your choice of DIN or INT connection), weight belt and weights
  • Any land excursions and visits to beaches as part of the regular cruise program

NITROX is free for returning Tambora divers.

Deposits are not refundable

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