Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves

The first book of it’s kind is this one about Guam’s special marine preserves.

I have been working on my own time to show the rich diversity of the Guam marine preserves and submerged natural and historical treasures.

The result is a 216 page, full color, gloss 250gsm cover book with over 336 full color images celebrating the diversity of the marine preserves on the island of Guam, This book is needed to show just how amazing and valuable Guam’s marine preserves are. Everything from sharks, mantas and dolphins to tiny shrimp and gobies and everything in-between is shown in the 216-page, 9″ x 7.5″ celebration of the Western Pacific sea. 330+ color photos are found on these pages including unique behavior and amazing underwater imagery.

Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves by Tim Rock

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Hidden Treasures Cover


Surrounded by an azure sea, the island of Guam in Western Micronesia is blessed with one of the world’s richest coral reef marine environments. It thrives with more than 900 fish species and nearly 400 kinds of corals. This great natural biodiversity attracts divers from all over Asia and worldwide. Guam’s historic past includes shipwrecks and remnants from WWII, WWI and even the gold-bearing Manila Galleon trading days. The island is a real treasure chest for undersea explorers.

The betterment of Guam’s diverse underwater world has been the thrust behind a series of nature preserves set up around the island in the last decade. What these areas do is allow breeding stocks to prosper and make more fish. The island had seen a sharp decline in the last 20 years in its breeding fish, that is, the larger fish that make offspring. In a far-sighted move, the island was extensively studied and some small but very important areas were set aside to help replenish the reefs. The Achang Bay Reef Flat, Sasa Bay, Piti Bomb Holes (Piti Bay), Tumon Bay (and Gun Beach) and Pati Point preserves encompass reef areas from north to south. They are starting to ensure a resurgence of reef health on this diverse western Pacific gem.

Believe it or not, there are some who would do away with these preserves. We hope when they see how beautiful they are and how successful the preserves projects have been so far, that attitude will change. We hope your support and this book help sway them to support the preserves.

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Hidden Treasures: Guam’s Marine Preserves

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