Tokina 100mm for underwater photography

OK, I finally got everything together here. B&H sent me a new Tokina 100mm Macro lens, Backscatter sent me a mountable Sola light and a hand mount Sola light and the tides aligned.
Sooo, as promised, I set out for a favorite Guam dive site called GabGab Beach. On my first dive, I used the Aquatica D90 Housing with a couple of extension rings and the small flat port as this 100mm is reasonably priced but does not have internal focusing. I am pleased to report that the lens is quit fast and accurate to focus and images came out quite sharp.

Here is a selection shot with Ike 125 strobes in the late afternoon, so light wasn’t super bright. But shots came out well.

I also did a night dive shortly after and those shots can be seen with this lens and with the NEW Aquatica Close-up kit using the Plus 10 diopter.

To see a good number of the photos I took with both, CLICK HERE.

Here’s a look at the Aquatica kit using a Sigma 50mm Macro:

CLICK HERE for the 50mm REVUE

The super close and details stuff is obviously the +10 diopter.

In all, I am happy with the 100mm Tokina. It would be better if it had internal focusing but is a great lens at a price under $500.

Read about it in the next Blog entry.

About Tim Rock

TIM ROCK specializes in the marine world and is an author, photographer and owner of a photo gallery on Guam in the western Pacific. He attended the journalism program at the University of Nebraska – Omaha and has been a professional broadcast and print photojournalist for 30 years. His news photography appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN. The majority of his career has been in the Western and Indo Pacific reporting on environmental and conservation issues. He has won the prestigious Excellence in the Use of Photography from the Society of Publishers in Asia. His TV show was an ACE award finalist. He also lists many other awards for documentaries, television shows, photography and writing. He works as a correspondent for numerous Pacific Rim magazines. He is the author and contributor to a dozen Lonely Planet/Pisces series guides. Rock’s photographic work is represented by Getty Images Lonely Planet Collection, SeaPics, Polaris Images, Waterframe, VWPics and his own Guam-based agency.
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